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Raquel Benavides

Raquel worked in the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN-CSIC,
Madrid, Spain), and within FunDiv context, she has been involved in
Workpackage II, task T.II.1 of the Exploratory Platform "Tree community composition, diversity and regeneration", that aims to provide the link between diversity
and regeneration, that is, the connections between current and future
forests and how this relationship is affected by the functional
properties of existing forests.

Since February 2013, she works at the University of Freiburg with a
Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship in a project directly linked with
FunDiv, titled "Functional implications of inter- vs. intraspecific
trait diversity in European forests (DIVERFOR)". The goal of this project is to study how variable, in terms of functional space, are our tree species according to the conditions of a particular location, the species richness and identity of the neighbouring tree species; and the implications that this intraspecific variability may have over the ecosystem functioning.

University of Freiburg


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