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The aim of the Knowledge Transfer Platform (KTP) is to distribute domain specific knowledge on the functional significance of biodiversity for the provision of forest ecosystem services over a web based environment. The scope of the FunDivEUROPE KTP is to foster communication, aggregation and synthesis of individual findings of the FunDivEUROPE project communication with stakeholders, policy makers and the wider public both during project life and after competition of the project.

Key issue of the KTP is to facilitate the knowledge transfer process between the project and interested end users. The Knowledge Transfer Platform guides users through the steps of the knowledge transfer process. Web editors are assembled in the frame of KTP in order to support the knowledge transfer. The knowledge transfer is organized along so call knowledge elements, a form of explicit knowledge based on the experiences and findings of researchers working on the functional significance of forest diversity. These knowledge elements are enriched with semantic metadata to allow interpretation and reasoning in a wider context. By applying the different web editors new knowledge elements can be generated based upon existing content and linked to a common knowledge base. The main assumption of the KTP is that an expert uses and combines various knowledge elements to transfer knowledge to other interested users.

The web content management system (WCMS) allows the authoring and publishing of contents in the KTP. An expert may use existing knowledge elements from the knowledge base and/ or create entirely new knowledge elements from his implicit knowledge to formulate new elements for knowledge transfer purposes. The KTP supports these processes with the basic functionalities “Find” and “Create”.

Find: The KTP provides basic search functionalities for the user with respect to the demands of different user groups and semantic metadata. With additional browsing abilities knowledge elements can be identified by means of categories and relationships between them (Navigation)

Create: Tools allow communication and discussion in a structured way related to a certain domain. Knowledge elements can be created, displayed and discussed in relation to the hypothesizes defined in FunDivEUROPE.Tools allow analysing the cause-effect relationships among the functional significance of forest diversity and ecosystem services based on model output. Mapping is one implementation within the exploration tool which provides different functionalities to visualize project data and model output in order to share findings with other KTP users.

In MyKTP the registered users are provided with an overview about the own profile (affiliation, publications,...) and the inputs (Knowledge elements, hypothesis, facts,...) that they have provided to the KTP.

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