peer-reviewed publications


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Febuary 2012: “Redefining our understanding of forest biodiversity“                    in International Innovation



“More soil biological activity in mixed forests? Preliminary results from FunDivEUROPE’s experimental platform” – poster

presented at: EuroSoil, 4th International Congress, Soil Science for the Benefit of Mankind and Environment, 2-6 July 2012

“Forest biodiversity effects on ecosystem functions in Europe: The FunDivEUROPE project at the Italian sampling sites” – abstractposter

presented at: National Congress of the Italian Society of Silviculture and Forestry Ecology, October 4-7, 2011

“Is understorey vegetation diversity associated with tree species diversity in European forests ? The FunDiv Europe project protocol and its application to the Italian sampling sites”    – abstractposter

presented at: National Congress of the Botanic Italian Society, September 21-23, 2011


Press releases

in Spanish:

February 2014

20.02.2014 “¿Para qué sirve la diversidad?”

in German:

July 2012

- “Biodiversitätsforschung ganz oben: Fragen an die Blätter in den Baumkronen”

December 2011

- 21.12.2012”Bedeutung der Biodiversität im Wald

Originalartikel: Scherer-Lorenzen Michael (2011): Bedeutung der Biodiversität im Wald. Drei Jahrzehnte Naturnaher Waldbau in Baden-Württemberg. AFZ-DerWald, 65. Jahrg., 21, 28-29.

- in “uni´wissen” – Science Magazine of the University of Freiburg: Vielfalt statt Einfalt

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